Was Brick Tea Tossed into Boston Harbor?

Was brick tea thrown overboard at the Boston Tea Rebellion? The answer is NO. I sometimes see this myth mentioned in historical accounts of the Boston Tea Party. Worst of all, I’ve seen stacks of tea bricks fro sale in at least two gift shops at historic sites with narrative signs that say the East […]


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Does Orange Pekoe Tea Taste of Oranges?

Every tea room owner can tell you a story about a customer who sent back their pot of Orange Pekoe tea because it did not taste of oranges. The answer to the drinker’s dilemma may be found in the fact that Orange Pekoe is one of the most common grades of tea manufactured in India […]


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What’s Happened to the Traditional British Cuppa?

The traditional English cup of tea, once considered a necessary luxury, is undergoing its biggest change since tea was first advertised for sale in London in 1657. British tea consumption has fallen from 2.5 ounces per person per week to less than an ounce. That means Britons are drinking on average just 8 cups of […]


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