Technology Meets History on the Freedom Trail®

Most visitors to Boston ask about the Freedom Trail, the 2.5 mile marked red path which weaves its way past 16 of the country’s most significant historical landmarks, preserved and protected in the midst of this vital, modern city. Many, unfamiliar with Boston, embark down the Trail on their own with limited knowledge, and without knowing what to look for and what to expect.

Technology has changed all that, in multiple ways! Through the NEW Freedom Trail Foundation website (, the Official Freedom Trail Smartphone App, Freedom Trail Foundation Podcasts, This Day in History YouTube videos, and online games, history meets cutting edge technology. People of all ages can become connected to those historically important places which played a pivotal role in America’s rebellious beginnings and in the growth of the young nation.

NEW Official Freedom Trail Website
Before heading out along the Trail, visit The newly refreshed and easy to navigate website provides users with an engaging way to find information about the historic sites, on and off the Trail. Maps, photos, history and videos, as well the ability to purchase tickets to tours and products, including Freedom Trail tours and the popular Pirates & Patriots Tour along Boston’s waterfront, are all there in a streamlined user experience.

NEW Freedom Trail Official Smartphone App
Put history right in your pocket and navigate down the Freedom Trail with confidence! In the new Official Freedom Trail App historic sites and the red marked path are clearly mapped, and GPS shows locations all along the 2.5 mile Trail. Through photos and historic narrative from the 50-page Freedom Trail Official Guidebook you can learn about historic churches, explore the grounds where past heroes rest, and pore over the places where major battles – military and ideological – were waged! The Official Freedom Trail App is available for purchase ($4.99) on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

NEW Freedom Trail History Podcasts
Freedom Trail Podcasts are ideal for history buffs, educators, students and visitors and are Free on iTunes! Performed by the Freedom Trail Players®, the Foundation’s professional guides, Podcasts (#1 Boston Massacre, #2 Paul Revere’s Ride, #3 The Life of James Otis) also include interviews with noted historians and Freedom Trail sites’ staff members that add contextual overviews and new insight into Boston’s history. The just released Podcast #4 commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill; this 30-minute episode also dispels some myths, and who really says “the whites of their eyes.”

Freedom Trail - The Historic Red Path. Photo courtesy of the Freedom Trail Foundation