Announcing Our Summer Speaker Series

Through its Speaker Series, the Old North Foundation seeks to provide historically-based educational opportunities for the general public, foster community interaction and insight on a variety of topics, attract new visitors to the Old North Historic Site, and promote regional and national history luminaries. We hope you will join us for one lecture or the entire series!

Wednesday, June 8, 6:30 pm

Margaret Bendroth: The Last Puritans: Mainline Protestants and the Power of the Past
Co-sponsored by the Congregational Library & Archives

The New England Puritans have had a powerful hold on the American imagination, as everything from the founders of democracy to witch-burning killjoys. The Congregational churches, whose tall white spires still dot the New England countryside, took enormous pride in their Puritan and Pilgrim roots, especially as, in the years after the Civil War,

Thanksgiving became a premiere American holiday. But, as they quickly discovered, history can be an unwieldy burden. Margaret Bendroth, author of The Last Puritans, will explain how a religious tradition deeply knitted to the past struggled to honor their founders even as they ran up against their faults and limitations, growing to become one of the most progressive and forward-looking religious groups in American society.

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Thursday, August 18, 6:30pm

Gregory Flemming: A Pirate Capture, a Daring Escape

This talk will recount the incredible true story of a nineteen year old fisherman, Philip Ashton, from colonial Massachusetts who was captured by pirates and then escaped and survived for two years on an uninhabited Caribbean island. In discussing his book, At the Point of a Cutlass, author Greg Flemming will reveal the surprising connections between Atlantic piracy in the early 1700s and major New England seaports like Boston and Newport — including some traces still evident today within the walls of the Old North Church.

Based on Ashton’s own first-hand account, as well trial records, logbooks, and a wealth of other archival evidence, At the Point of a Cutlass pieces together the unforgettable story of the man who’s been called America’s “real-life Robinson Crusoe.”

Please join us for a book signing and reception immediately following the lecture.

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