Be Part of the Meeting that Started the Revolution!

On December 16th at 6:30 pm, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the event that changed the course of American history – it only happens once a year.
OSMH  BTPSM Reenactment
Gather at the Old South Meeting House, where people from all walks of life met in 1773 for the biggest meeting the colonies have ever seen. The building will come alive as loyalists and patriots – like Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere – decide what to do about the tax on tea imposed by the British crown. Add your own voice to this fiery debate as the deadline for a decision quickly approaches!

After the meeting at Old South, join the crowd as it parades through the streets of Boston to Griffin’s Wharf accompanied by fife and drum. Line the waterfront to witness the destruction of the tea as the Sons of Liberty storm the Brig Beaver and toss the tea into the frigid harbor.
This event, presented by Old South Meeting House & Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum sells out every year. Order your tickets now for the 242th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Reenactment here.

Re-enactment audience participation

OSMH Reenactment inside
OSMH Fie and Drum march to Griffin's Wharf