Preservation in Progress at Old South Meeting House

The first comprehensive project to restore and paint the massive interior ceiling of Old South Meeting House since 1899 is in full swing.

Work started following the Boston Tea Party Reenactment in December and is on track to be completed by the beginning of March. Take a look at what’s going on:

Scaffolding in the interior of the Meeting House

The scaffolding holds a full work level high above the interior of the Meeting House. It gives workers and staff a rare opportunity to examine the high cove ceiling up close, do research and complete the painstaking restoration.

The gentle arch of the ceiling can be clearly seen form this unique perspective

During the restoration, we are OPEN for visitors!

Although we cannot hold public programs while the interior has scaffolding for the ceiling restoration, you can still visit Old South Meeting House most days in February from 10:00am-4:00pm. Discover America’s proud history of democracy and dissent in our exhibit “Voice of Protest”, which explores how Old South Meeting House has been used for free expression and free assembly since the 18th Century.

Admission is free for members and regular visitors receive a special $1 off discount in February.

Please note that the museum will be closed to visitors on Monday February 6th and Tuesday February 7th for ceiling restoration work.

Article first appeared in the February 2017 edition of E-Dial, the online newsletter of the Old South Meeting House. Images courtesy Old South Meeting House.