Here Comes the Bride at the Old State House

In the colonial era, young women were educated to make beautiful hand embroideries. Elizabeth Bull, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, was one such woman.

Among Elizabeth’s school assignments was an ornate, silk wedding dress, begun when she was just 15. Elizabeth was still at work on the dress two years later, when she met her husband on a Sunday morning at Trinity church. Her parents must have delighted in her creativity and commitment. They also delighted in the affections for Elizabeth of Roger Price, the first and only commissary to the Anglican churches of New England appointed by the bishop.

Elizabeth had already inherited substantial tracts of land after the death of her two brothers. Money is freedom, and certainly it was liberating for a woman in colonial Boston: Elizabeth could marry for love.

Learn the rest of the story and view the dress at the Old State House beginning May 15, 2015.