USS Constitution Afloat Again!

USS Constitution, America’s Ship of State, successfully undocked the night of July 23, 2017. Under a partially cloudy sky and then the glow of an orange-tinged sunset, the filling of Dry Dock 1 began at 4:05 p.m and the process of re-floating the after the 26-month dry docking was underway.

As the later afternoon wore on and into the early evening, the water in the dock continued to rise. Preparations for the undocking continued by the staffs of the Naval History & Heritage Command Detachment Boston, the crew of USS Constitution, and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

A select group of people boarded the ship for the undocking, including: USS Constitution Commanding Officer CDR Robert Gerosa, USS Constitution crew members, NHHC Detachment Boston staff, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard staff, several former “Old Ironsides” commanding officers, and Director of the Naval History & Heritage Command RADM Samuel Cox, USN (Ret.).Throughout the afternoon and well into the late night, hundreds of spectators visited the Charlestown Navy Yard to watch the undocking and to visit the USS Constitution Museum, which remained open until midnight for visitors.

The caisson, which is held in place with a combination of ballast water and the pressure of Boston Harbor, began to be de-ballasted around 9:30 p.m. As the tide continued to flood the dock, Constitution lifted off her keel blocks around 9:50 p.m. “Old Ironsides” was afloat!

All supports underneath and alongside the ship were removed, thereby ensuring that Constitution‘s out haul from the dock would be unobstructed. At 10:45 p.m. the emptied and floating caisson was completely removed from the entrance of the dry dock. A little after 11:00 p.m., the NHHC Detachment Boston’s beaver boat picked up the out-haul line that was attached to Constitution‘s stern bridle and began the slow tugging of the ship from the dock.

Congratulations to the Naval History & Heritage Command Detachment Boston, the officers and crew of USS Constitution, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for successfully undocking “Old Ironsides” at the end of her first 21st century dry docking!

USS Constitution’s bow crosses the sill of Dry Dock 1. Her exit is nearly complete.
Image Credit: Courtesy Naval History & Heritage Command Detachment Boston/James Almeida







Excerpts from article by M. M. Desy which first appeared on USS Constitution Museum website.