The Master Shipwright

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Leon Poindexter

Master Shipwright

Leon Poindexter is a master shipwright of several historic vessels and replicas and consultant to maritime museums. His craftsmanship builds, repairs and restores large traditionally built historic wooden sailing vessels and their rigs. Most of his client vessels are on the National Register of Historic Places.  Leon learned his trade from some of the last of the “old timers” who worked in the famed shipyards of Essex and Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  He has over 30 years experience in this trade. Leon has worked on many important vessels, including the USS CONSTITUTION and the Bounty. He was the master shipwright for and created the HMS Surprise, used in the Academy Award-winning movie “Master and Commander” starring Russell Crowe.

Leon is the architect and contractor for the Boston Tea Party Ships at the Gloucester Marine Railway.  His mission is to restore and retrofit two vessels, the full rigged ship Eleanor and the Beaver, for the Boston Tea Party ShipsSM & Museum.

The Beaver replica is over 100 years old. She was originally built in Denmark as a Baltic fishing/cargo schooner.  Leon has re-designed the Beaver’s topsides and deck to better represent the original Beaver, a whale ship from Nantucket. Hauled on the nation’s oldest marine railway, this vessel has undergone re-timbering and re-planking of the topsides and bow, replacement of the stern, deck, bulwarks, lower masts, bowsprit and rigging.

The ship Eleanor is a re-creation of a second Tea Party ship and is 90 feet on deck. Work includes new sides, deck, stern and quarter galleries, bow and all rigging. Leon has completed drawings for a third Tea Party ship, the Dartmouth, to be newly constructed from the keel up, after the opening of the Boston museum in the spring of 2012.