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Tell me, and I forget
Teach me, and I remember
Involve me, and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

Outreach Performance – Half Day Experience
Iconic revolutionary figures step out of the pages of history and into your classroom! Students play an active role as either a loyalist or a patriot, and participate in a reenactment of the historic town meeting held just hours before the Boston Tea Party. Your class will be immersed in the issues of the day, and will be engaged in the events that led up to the Boston Tea Party. Finally, they will encounter an officer of the British Army, and discover why the Boston Tea Party caused Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts, and how this measure triggered the “shot heard round the world” at the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Bring the Sons and Daughters of Liberty to your school for a Half Day (4 hours) of performances. Students are provided with a more personalized experience, and the option allows teachers to tailor the performance to address their unique classroom needs. Over the course of the Half Day, we can perform up to three, one-hour Boston Tea Party Outreach Performances in a Half Day or we can combine up to two, one-hour Outreach Performances with one of our forty-five-minute Specialized Interactive Performances, allowing for time after each to address student questions. The third option is to provide a single one-hour Boston Tea Party Outreach Performance, coupled with two Specialized Interactive Performances – Adventures at Sea and Anecdotes of the Boston Tea Party.

Specialized Interactive Performances

Mix and match these 45 minute presentations to incorporate into your Half Day Experience.

  • Boston Massacre Trial
    This exhilarating reenactment captures the tensions in the town between the occupying force of British regulars and the Sons of Liberty. Your class will be greeted by John Adams, who will present a compelling argument in defense of the soldiers. Students play the role of magistrates, jurors, witnesses and the citizens of Boston in this emotionally charged, riveting reenactment of the historic trial held just months after the tragic event.
  • Adventures at Sea in the Eighteenth Century
    Sign your class up for a transatlantic voyage! Abraham Tower will mesmerize your students with enchanting stories and shanties from a life on the high seas. Your class will be invited to participate in hands-on activities that sailors performed as they charted their course. Discover the adventure of sailing across the ocean in the eighteenth century!
  • Anecdotes from the Boston Tea Party
    Join us as we regale your class with humorous anecdotes from the night of the Boston Tea Party. Your students will discover the funny stories and close encounters that happened on Griffin’s Wharf as they play the part of the characters involved!

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