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Boston Museum Construction

boston museum 3d rendering

The beginning of a great Boston Museum

Historic Tours of America has begun a major restoration and expansion of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. The original site, which was established in 1973, suffered major damage from a devastating fire. At the new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Revolutionary Boston will come to life!

boston museum hub

What will be offered at the Museum

The new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum will be located in the middle of the Fort Point Channel and will include interactive exhibits that will transport visitors back in time to Revolutionary Boston!

Interactive Exhibits:

  • Living history programs
  • Display of historical artifacts


Also On Site

On site will be a fixed platform attached to the Congress Street Bridge housing two reconstructed 18th century Meeting Houses for historical interpretation and living history programs, a retail store, and offices. Housed on a floating barge to which the ships are moored, the second floor of the Boston museum will be a reconstructed 18th century tavern reminiscent of those that dotted the streets of Revolutionary Boston and were a meeting place of the Sons of Liberty. The tavern will be a living history experience and serve delicious fare characteristic of the period. Visitors will also be treated to tours onboard full-scale replicas of the Tea Party ships which are currently being restored.


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