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Tour guide dressed in colonial-times costume with group of people inside the Boston Tea Part Ships and Museum

Group Tours & Field Trips

Currently Sold Out Through June 2022
Thank you for your interest in visiting the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum! The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum has sold out all group reservations through the month of June 2022. If you would like information for a future visit, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon. We hope to see you in Colonial Boston soon!

Group Tours

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty look forward to welcoming your group to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum for a one of a kind experience. Join Samuel Adams as he leads a recreation of the historic town meeting held prior to marching on Griffin’s Wharf. Everyone will get a chance to participate in this rebellion by tossing the Crown’s tea into the same body of water where this brave act took place nearly 250 years ago. After taking part in the “destruction of the tea” aboard our full-scale replica 18th-century sailing vessels, you will enter the museum where you will encounter the Robinson Tea Chest, the only known surviving tea chest from the “Boston Tea Party”. Learn how this event sparked the American Revolution as you experience our immersive, critically acclaimed film, “Let It Begin Here”.

Adult Group Tour Rates

Group Tour Rates begin with groups of 15 people or more.

Column 1 Title Column 2 Title
ADULTS: $24.00
COMP. POLICY: 2 complimentary tickets per motor coach
"Tell me, and I forget, Teach me, and I remember, Involve me, and I learn."
-Benjamin Franklin

School Field Trips

Take your school on a field trip they will never forget! Join Samuel Adams and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty as they protest the King’s unjust taxes. Your students will play an active role in a riveting reenactment of the historic town meeting held just hours before the Boston Tea Party. They will storm down to Griffin’s Wharf and board one of our authentic replica vessels where they will cast off the yoke of tyranny by throwing the Crown’s tea into Boston Harbor. Explore below decks, and learn about life at sea, funny anecdotes from the Boston Tea Party, and the strange weather conditions facing the Sons of Liberty when they destroyed the tea. Follow the Sons and Daughters of Liberty as they make their escape from the wharf, and discover the last remaining tea crate from the Boston Tea Party which washed up on shore the morning after. Finally, your class will learn how the Boston Tea Party sparked the American Revolution as they are surrounded by the action and sounds of our award-winning, multisensory film, “Let It Begin Here”.

School Group Tour Rates

We are happy to work with Title 1 schools. For rates please email the Groups department:

For tours occurring in 2020

Column 1 Title Column 3 Title
ADULTS: $24.00
STUDENTS: $20.95 Peak-season (April – June); $16.95 off peak season
COMP. POLICY 1 complimentary adult ticket for every 10 students

Tours Before Hours: $75 Surcharge per tour
Tours After Hours: $100 Surcharge per tour

Additional Information about Group Tours

Please allow a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the museum tour experience. Museum Group Tours begin every 15 minutes throughout the day. We suggest you plan an additional 30 minutes into your visit to check out our delightful Museum Gift Shop. Each museum tour allows a maximum capacity of 55 people. For groups larger than 55, we will reserve tickets for additional consecutive tours. Groups requiring more than 3 consecutive tours will be separated by one tour to allow room for general public.


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Group Inquires

For reservations and questions, please call (617) 531-6241, email, or fill out the inquiry form below.



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