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Proud Partners of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Sculptor Susie Chisholm

Susie Chisholm – For the Love of Sculpture

What happens if you are an artistic child of Savannah whose favorite summer pastime is climbing all over the sculpture in magnificent Brookgreen Gardens set among acres of coastal South Carolina natural landscape? While your cousins aren’t eager to join …
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A Box Worth Keeping

A Family’s Relic of the Founding Generation in the early morning of December 17, 1773, 15-year old John Robinson walked the shoreline near Dorchester Heights, just outside of Boston. It was the morning after over 90,000 pounds of East India …
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Photo of the making of lamps for the Boston Museum

Hammerworks & Hearth-Glo Lighting

If you are building a museum in Boston in 2012 to tell the story of the Boston Tea Party of 1773, and you need lighting, lots of it, and authenticity in every detail is paramount to maintain the colonial ambiance, …
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a photo of leon poindexter working on a ship

Master Ship Renovator Leon Poindexter

Master Ship Renovator, Leon Poindexter A master shipwright, Leon Poindexter builds, repairs and restores large, traditionally built historic wooden sailing vessels and their rigs. As a veteran with more than 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Poindexter is known for his …
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a photo of don troiani in his art studio

American Revolutionary War Artist Don Troiani

The Real World of Don Troiani One look at a stirring Don Troiani American battlefield painting and an important moment in American history, familiar only through reading and rote, becomes real. What was a gauzy mental narrative becomes a …
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West Coast Weathervanes

The Teapot & Cups Weather Vane on top of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum was handmade in the central California studio of LizAnne and Ken Jensen, owners and artists of West Coast Weather Vanes. LizAnne and Ken …
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Suffolk Construction

Two hundred and thirty eight years ago, a group of Patriots dumped 342 tea crates into Boston Harbor to protest Great Britain’s tea tax on the American Colonies. Today, using state-of-the-art virtual models and collaboration tools, Suffolk Construction is building …
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Musion Systems

As you first enter the Boston Tea Party Museum, you come upon a wharf. Suddenly, right in front of you, two colonial women appear, seemingly out of nowhere, engaged in an emotionally charged conversation. They are real; or are they? …
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