Dr. Elisha Story

Elisha Story was born in Boston, December 3rd, 1743; his father, William Story, was the Register of the Court of Admiralty. His father’s office was located on the corner of State and Devonshire Streets and was one of many shops broken into during the Stamp Riots to destroy the stamps, books, and papers of King George. Elisha, sympathetic to the patriots, joined the Sons of Liberty, destroyed the tea, acted as doctor to Colonel Little’s Essex regiment, and fought as a volunteer at Lexington and Bunker’s Hill. He aided General Washington on his campaigns to Long Island, White Plains, and Trenton. He was a doctor for the rest of his life at the practice he settled in Marblehead. He had ten children with his wife, Ruth Ruddock, many of whom became distinguished figures in the community. He later died in Marblehead, Massachusetts in August of 1805.