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Sean Lawler

About Sean Lawler

Sean Lawler is the former education Program Coordinator of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. He has dedicated his career to the study of the Boston Tea Party, and how this defiant act, orchestrated by the Sons of Liberty, pushed Massachusetts down the road to revolution. In his studies, Lawler was fascinated by the crowd’s involvement in the era of colonial protest dating back to the Stamp Act of 1765. As a graduate student, Lawler focused on the ability of local leaders in London, England to galvanize popular support for Parliamentary reform. He views Boston through the same lens of popular agitation guided by determined, and passionate individuals who successfully achieved independence. As Education Program Coordinator of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Lawler established the Education Program that performs educational outreach shows for schools throughout the country. He wrote and directed the educational Outreach Performance and the Skype Experience, both of which are designed to be informative, interactive, and engaging for students, all while covering Common Core State Standards. As head of the Education Program, he is invested in demonstrating to youth how Boston patriots overcame obstacles, and learned from their failures to achieve a prosperous future. As an author, Sean Lawler has demonstrated the ability to offer readers a window into Boston’s troubled past, and how the struggle for liberty sparked the American War of Independence. His passion for the subject shows in his writing, and he continues to be an important contributor to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.


  • BA in History from the University of Connecticut
  • MA in History from Southern Connecticut State University
  • Education Program Coordinator of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


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