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Animated Boston Tea Party Boat Coming out of Computer Screen

Virtual Museum Experiences

Experience the Boston Tea Party anywhere! The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum offer several virtual experiences to help you learn from the comfort and safety of your own home or the classroom. Use 21st-century technology to experience the 18th century! There’s virtually something for everyone!

Tea Talks

An In-depth Series on the Myths, Truths, and Untold Stories of the Boston Tea Party

  • Live & Interactive
  • New Topics Every Month
  • 1 Hour Specialized ZOOM Presentation
  • Perfect For Curious Minds of All Ages

Limited Availability. Reserve Your Spot Today!

*Please note: ALL live Tea Talk programs take place online via ZOOM. Once registration is complete, participants will receive a confirmation email with password and instructions on how to participate using ZOOM. We ask that you download the ZOOM application in advance for the best user experience.

September 2020 $15

Image of Bohea Tea Teapot

The Tea Things of Thomas Jefferson
& George Washington

Join Tea Master Bruce Richardson and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum as they share anecdotes and information about tea customs, tea wares and tea drinking, with a special look at some tea-related historical artifacts of such notable names as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Available Dates

Sept. 19th (Sat.): 2pm
October 2020 $15

Opened Robinson Tea Chest

A Box Worth Keeping: The Story of the Robinson Tea Chest

Discover the story of the only known surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party through the lineage of families that protected it and preserved it for over 200 years.

Available Dates

Oct. 7th (Wed.): 7pm

Oct. 14th (Wed.): 7pm

November 2020 $15

Drawn picture of a Boston Tea Party Ship

Ships of the Boston Tea Party

Explore the vessels involved in the Boston Tea Party, the construction methods used to recreate them for the museum, and we will share anecdotes and information about the ship owners and the crews that sailed them.

Available Dates

Nov. 4th (Wed.): 7pm

Nov. 18th (Wed.): 7pm

Nov. 28th (Sat.): 2pm
December 2020 $15

drawing of the ships dumping tea at the boston tea party

“Boston Harbor, a Teapot Tonight!”: The Boston Tea Party Story

This December we commemorate the 247th anniversary of the event that was described by John Adams as, “The most magnificent movement of all”. Join members of the Creative Team of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum as they discuss the dramatic details of the Boston Tea Party and the lasting legacy of this iconic event.

Available Dates

Dec. 2nd (Wed.): 7pm

Dec. 9th (Wed.): 7pm

Dec. 13th (Sat.): 2pm
Past Tea Talk September 9th, 2020

Photo of woman standing in front 5 tea dispensers

5 Teas That Launched a Revolution

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and Tea Master Bruce Richardson lead a virtual discussion focused on the origin stories of the five teas that were tossed into Boston Harbor in 1773.

Available Dates

Sept. 9th (Wed.): 7pm

This Tea Talk has ended.
It will be available for download shortly, stay tuned!

Past Tea Talk September 16th, 2020

Close-up photo of someone's hand holding a tea cup

The Birth of Liberty Teas

Tea Master Bruce Richardson shares how patriotic families turned to their orchards and gardens to create herbal and fruit blends, which they poured from their newly christened “Liberty Teapots”.

Available Dates

Sept. 16th (Wed.): 7pm

This Tea Talk has ended.
It will be available for download shortly, stay tuned!

Girl pushing tea over the fence, into the water

People celebrating tea being thrown into the water


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