New Paul Revere House Education and Visitor Center is Open!

The opening of the new Education and Visitor Center on December 3, 2016 marked the culmination of a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime acquisition and multi-year construction effort to make the Paul Revere House historic site fully handicapped accessible, provide modern amenities for all our visitors, debut a new permanent exhibit on Paul Revere’s ride, share changing exhibits on his fascinating business career, offer new programs in dedicated spaces, and expand our museum shop.

Visit us to encounter three centuries of Boston history where three landmark properties surround an intimate courtyard garden. The new Center is perfectly located in Lathrop Place, an abutting 1835 row house that sits on land that once belonged to Paul Revere. In creating the new Center, key features at Lathrop Place, an important but formerly forlorn historic building, have been lovingly restored.

The Center features exhibits that provide visitors with an enhanced knowledge of Paul Revere’s ride, the Revolution, and Revere’s career as a silversmith and early industrialist. Visitors can view a detailed diorama of Revere’s silver shop while examining Revere silver. The Center also allows for the display of more of the collection, including Revere family items, materials related to the midnight ride and objects from Revere’s many business ventures.

Executive Director Nina Zannieri noted, “With the new Education and Visitor Center, we are better positioned to welcome growing numbers of visitors and comfortable program rooms, new exhibits, and accessible restrooms. Equally important is the fact that we were able to save a neighborhood building with its own historic significance and stories to tell. We are enormously proud that we have been able to retain the warmth and feel of this wonderful old building while elevating it to a new use.”

New Paul Revere House Education and Visitor Center is Open!

Revere’s Silver Shop Diorama