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Museum Cast Members

Harry Aspinwall, Actor
After growing up in a rural countryside in Scotland, Harry moved to Boston, which is the biggest city he’s ever lived in as an adult. He loves to act, write and create musical compositions and especially loves his role at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®. As an actor, he’s able to immerse himself in history, wear authentic costumes and share his love of the time period with guests.

Michelle Barrett, Actor
For Michelle, the best part of her job at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® is seeing how much people are moved by their experience. She grew up in Massachusetts and has worked as an art teacher and an actor. Her free time is usually spent walking and playing with her dog, reading and making jewelry.

Kevin Casey, Actor
For Kevin, being an actor at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® is not only fun, it allows him to express his creativity. He was born in New Jersey and has lived in Boston for many years. In addition to his role in the cast at the museum, Kevin is a massage therapist. He has also worked as a tour guide in the graveyards.

Charlie Cirrone, Actor
Before he joined the cast of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, Charlie was a conductor for the Old Town Trolley Tours® of Boston. He loves being an actor and meeting, greeting and entertaining people that come to the museum. Charlie grew up in Everett and has lived in Boston for a long time. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

India Pearl Daughney, Actor
India grew up in central Massachusetts and was drawn to Boston for the theater and comedy and up and coming film scene. She graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in acting and theater studies and when she’s not working she likes to sing, write, cook and make people laugh. For India, sharing the rich history of the Boston Tea Party with visitors and helping them find the perfect cup of chowder in the city, are the best parts of her job.

Jamianne Devlin, Actor
Jamianne calls Boston her home, and after spending several years touring the country with an educational children’s theater group, she was happy to return. Before she joined the cast at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, she had a variety of interesting jobs including working with the Rockettes, directing a show in Dublin, Ireland, working as a substitute teacher and acting as an extra in several movies. She is proud to be a part of the museum’s first cast. When she’s not working she spends time doing yoga, traveling and hanging out with her friends and family.

Eli Donis, Actor
Eli grew up in Boston and says there’s an interesting rhythm in the streets and a great sense of history. After graduating college he began working to improve his acting, directing and writing skills and starred in the Riverside Theater Works’ production of Our Town. He loves to sing, read and play his favorite video game, The Legend of Zelda. He’s also a big fan of the Red Sox. At the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, he loves the fact that he works among friends and fellow historians.

Julie Farnkoff, Administrative Assistant
Julie grew up in Boston and loves working at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® because she considers it to be an icon in the city and a wonderful way for people to learn about the history of America. She has a great sense of adventure and has traveled to Australia and Indonesia. When she’s not working, Julie hangs out with her niece and travels.

Lindsey Gazlay, Gift Shop
Lindsey came to Boston to attend the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in art history. In the gift shop at our Boston museum, she loves meeting and talking with people from all over the world and helping them bring home special souvenirs. Her favorite items in the shop include the hand carved Italian cameos and the spoon bracelets. In her free time, Lindsey attends philosophical readings and runs her own pet care business.

Michael Hogan- Customer Service Supervisor
Michael has worked in the city for many years and before the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® he worked for Old Town Trolley Tours® of Boston. He likes photography and traveling and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in photography.

Bruce Kaye, Actor
Bruce moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts many years ago with his family. He loves to visit used bookstores and spend time with his wife when he’s not working as an actor at the new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®. The best part of his job, he says, is being able to meet and talk with the museum guests and to share the history of such a momentous event with them. Before he joined the cast, Bruce had retired—but when he discovered he had an interest in acting, he found this was the perfect venue for him.

Sean Lawler, Actor
After growing up in Connecticut, Sean went on to earn both a bachelors and masters degree in History. His role in the cast of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® allows him to help people learn the importance of pre-revolutionary Boston and the event that led up to the American Revolution. For Scott, reading non-fiction, watching documentaries and following the Yankees and Giants are the next best things to working at the museum.

Christian Masters, Actor
For Christian, who grew up in the Pacific and Africa, learning and being a part of American history has been fascinating and lots of fun. As a child of missionaries, he grew up all over the world. He moved to Boston to explore his interests in art, acting and writing. Before he joined the cast at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, he performed in small local shows, built sets and worked sound design. Christian has a love of traveling and exploring and enjoys staying connected to the many friends he’s made all over the world.

Alexander Munoz, Actor
Alexander was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts and grew up in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Before joining the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® cast he worked at Trinity Church, wrote plays and attended school. For Alexander, being a part of the reenactment of history is not only gratifying, it’s a great way for him to utilize his acting and creative abilities—he also gets a kick out of wearing a tricorn hat! When he’s not working, Alexander takes every opportunity to write and perform when possible. He also writes a film analysis blog.

Meagan Nypaver, Actor
Megan was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in Boston after her family relocated there. She has worked in a variety of places in the area, including the House of Blues and the Sam Adams Brewery. When it’s warm, she loves to go to the beach and she also enjoys concerts. The best part of her position at the museum is being able to work with so many talented and fun people.

Dan O’Neill, Assistant Site Manager
Dan grew up in central Massachusetts where he spent much of his time exploring the woods and fields. After graduating from college, he moved to Boston and fell in love with the culture and history of the city. As the Assistant Site Manager of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, Dan enjoys learning what it takes to run a museum and the fact that he’s helping bring this era in history to life for the many guests that visit each day. When he’s not at the museum, he likes to read, cook, take hikes, go apple picking and play with his dog.

Holly Schaff, Actor
As an Air Force brat, Holly spent most of her childhood moving around. She decided to move to Boston for many reasons, one of which is her love of snow. Before the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, Holly was a classical trombone player, and enjoys the classical music scene in Boston. Her favorite thing about acting at the museum is the costumes and being part of such a talented group of actors.

Ethan Selby, Actor
After graduating from college with a degree in film, Ethan worked at a bank and quickly discovered he’d be much happier working in the entertainment industry. His position at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® gives him the freedom to act, be enthusiastic and mingle with guests who are having fun while learning about history. Ethan moved to Boston after growing up in Peterborough, New Hampshire and when he’s not entertaining people at the museum, he’s playing his drums, his guitar, performing in theater and creating new macaroni and cheese recipes.

Carol Smolinsk, Actor
Carol grew up just outside of Boston and was drawn to the city for its amazingly diverse theatre scene. In addition to playing her role in the cast of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum®, Carol is also a teaching artist for Citi Performing Arts Center. She’s also always sure to be found in a show somewhere in Boston. In her free time, Carol takes graduate classes at Emerson College and seeks out creative projects to be involved in.

David Stickney, Actor
David is no stranger to the theater and truly enjoys playing his role at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® with his witty and interesting co-workers. He grew up in Massachusetts and loves the history, museum, theaters and unique people in Boston. Before joining the cast at the museum, he worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, theatrical director, scriptwriter and a teacher. He also worked at Ghosts and Gravestones, in castles, museums, graveyards and more. For David, a perfect day off would be spent cooking, traveling or just hanging out with his two sons.

Audrey Stuck-Girard, Actor
For Audrey, who loves history, acting, costumes and meeting new people, being an actress for the new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® is a childhood dream come true. She grew up in Granby Connecticut, where she held a variety of jobs including being a Segway tour guide, a guide in an ancient-Egyptian computer operated tomb, a summer camp arts and crafts director and more. She moved to Boston to attend Emerson College where she received her degree in theatre studies. It was at Emerson that Audrey enjoyed her training in acting, directing, costume design, dance and singing. In her free time, she likes to sew and make costumes and because she loves children, she’s always up for babysitting.

Chelsea White, Tea Room Attendant
Chelsea studied and worked at Gordon College in Wenham before moving to Boston four years ago. She loves the city and especially enjoys the fact that her job includes dressing up in costume, meeting different people everyday and working with so many interesting and fun people. Chelsea also loves bike riding, drawing, painting, writing and watching animated films.

Scott Whitney, Customer Service Representative
Scott has spent all of his life living in the Boston area, with the exception of the time he spent in the armed services and in college. He enjoys living and working in his hometown, and the best part of his job at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum® is working with the cast and crew. In his spare time, he coaches soccer and basketball.


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