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Seth Ingersoll Browne

Seth Brown, born in 1750, was 23 when he participated in the Boston Tea Party. He was a house carpenter by trade and post-war he ran a tavern, a riding school, and stable. Seth Brown enlisted in the Revolutionary Army as a minuteman, a non-commissioned officer, and militiaman. He was one of the men who rolled barrels of gunpowder down Bunker Hill to deceive the British into believing the Patriots still had ample gunpowder. When his company’s commander, Major Andrew McClary, was wounded, Browne took command and led the patriot’s retreat across Mystic River. He was also one of several men hand picked to transport the money sent by General Lafayette to General Washington through Newport, Rhode Island, to White Plains, New York. Seth Browne later died in 1809 and is buried at the Granary Burying Ground, outside Boston.


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